Pardot Dynamic List Segmentation Examples and Use Cases

Dynamic lists are where you can really customize the prospect experience, and we’re sharing a bunch of great examples. By creating hyper-targeted lists, you allow for a greater opportunity at crafting personalized messages. The possibilities are endless and because of that, we’ll continue to add to the list below…

Active and Engaged Prospects

pardot dynamic list active and engaged prospects

Pardot measures whether or not a prospect has been active – meaning if they have had at least one activity (besides an email send, email open, email bounce or opportunity).

A prospect’s score is based on activities they perform like pages viewed, emails opened and clicked, forms completed, etc. Scoring is a good indication how interested or engaged a prospect is with your company

When you couple those two data points you have a list that is constantly updating with your most recently active and engaged prospects. It’s probably a good idea to share this information with the sales team to help them target the best leads.

Customer Accessed Specific File

pardot dynamic list specific file accessed

If you upload files into Pardot, it will track which prospects downloaded them. Additionally, in the example below the prospects account “type” field is being utilized to target specifically for prospects identified as customers. Depending on the file viewed, this could be a useful segmentation to cross-sell additional products or services.

Opportunity Recently Won

pardot dynamic list opportunity recently won

One of the best features of Pardot is being able to automate off of opportunity data in Salesforce. In this case, the dynamic list is looking for prospects associated with opportunities that closed/won less than two days ago. You could use this list in an engagement studio program to fuel an on boarding email campaign.

Similarly, you could change the criteria to show lost opportunities over a year ago. If you have a field tracking why you lost the opportunity, and it happened to be that they went with a competitor, then you could make an attempt to re-engage with them when their renewal is coming up.

Recently Emailed and Not Opening

pardot dynamic list recently emailed and not opening

Do you ever find yourself questioning how many people in your database are actually reading your emails? This dynamic list segmentation is a great tool to check. Feel free to tweak the criteria to what works best with your current email cadence.